The Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting is organized by the Washington DC Dental Society, DCDS, the American Dental Association’s local constituent society in the District of Columbia. The meeting was first held in 1931 as a venue for local dental professionals to connect and provide a setting for collaborative education in the emerging field and practice of dentistry. The initial meetings were one-day lectures, with only a few dozen local dentists in attendance. Over the years, the Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting has grown into an annual multi-day event with ​approximately 1,200 attendees.

The meeting serves as a place where exhibitors and dental professionals from around the nation join together to learn the latest techniques and technology in the dental field, as well as expand their professional network.

Today, the Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting continues to grow and has expanded from its original mission of providing education and networking to dentists, to providing opportunities to the entire spectrum of dental professionals. 

Planning Committee

2017 Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting Committee

General Chairman 
Dr. Chris Loukaitis

Dr. Larry Bowers
Dr. Ladan Basiri
Dr. Ali Fassihi
Dr. Luis Barr
Dr. Luz Driscoll
Dr. Catherine Pulse
Dr. Kathryn Clark
Dr. Kim Menhinick
Dr. Michael Pollowitz
Dr. Selen Tolu
Dr. Aliya Kassam
Dr. Isabelle Lass
Dr. Maya Oliver
Dr. Benjamin Strahl

201​7 Advisory Committee to the Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting

Dr. Stephen Tigani, Chair 
Dr. James Feldman 
Dr. Michael Blicher  
Dr. Robert Tigani 
Dr. Johanna Huijssoon