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Registered Clinics

  • The Top 7 Secrets to Make Your Practice Thrive
  • Cutting Through the Sales Hype: Choosing the Best Products for Your Practice
  • Digital Implant Dentistry: Predictable Implant Esthetics from Analog to Digital
  • Dental Photography: Filling in the Gaps
  • The 4 Keys to Master Treatment Acceptance as a Team
  • Template Driven Anterior Dentistry-Cosmetic Dentistry for the Non-Cosmetic Dentist
  • The Tao of 21st Century Marketing: Using the Internet to Attract New Patients
  • Five Hot Technologies to Consider for Your Practice in 2017
  • Myths, Legends, and Realities of OTC Products
  • Oral System Dynamics: Lifestyle and Diet Choices to Affect Inflammatory Disease
  • Creating “World Class” Crown and Bridge Restorations
  • Reviews and Your Practice: Are You Seeing Stars!!!
  • Ageless Performance: Nutrition, Psychology and Exercise to Maintain Vitality
  • Updates in Restorative Dentistry: 2017
  • Enhanced Caries Detection: Sharpening our Diagnostic Abilities
  • The 4 C's in the Caries Control
  • The Road to Financial Freedom