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The 2017 Mid-Atlantic Dental Meeting will feature the largest exhibit hall in the Mid-Atlantic region. Explore and evaluate the newest products, solutions, and technology that will help accelerate ​your practice's future. Check out our wonderful list of sponsors, floor plan, and exciting presentations.

Exhibitor List and Floor Plan

Exhibit Hall Presentations on Friday, May 5:

Sonendo Logo
Sonendo 12:30-12:50

GentleWave ® Technology:  The Evolution of Endodontics

Dr. Reza Farshey will discuss the disruptive technology of the GentleWave System and how it is changing the perception of endodontics.  The GentleWave® System by Sonendo® offers an alternative to standard RCT, which combines broad-spectrum acoustic energy and advanced fluid dynamics to remove debris and tissue from the entire root canal system.  Multisonic Ultracleaning™ technology effectively cleans even complex root canal systems in one procedure.  Optimize your RCT procedure and save more teeth for more patients.   

banyan Logo

Banyan 12-12:20

How to Connect with your Patients Online: Social Media and Reviews– The New Word of Mouth

In today’s world of dentistry. Many doctors are posting manufactured content for their marketing, because they want to “check the box” and look more professional.

Most of the time you see things posted like tooth jokes, discounts on services, oral health articles ext. This content is not what makes you different, so why post it?  Consider the things that set you apart, you, your patients and your staff. Social media can open in window into your practice so people can understand how much you care.

 We will discuss the power of social media, through real patient photos and five-star reviews along with the tips to make it great. We can show this by learning from the failure and sparking change to show real and raw content though the best tools available.

lighthouse Logo
Lighthouse 1-1:20 pm

5 Things to Stop Doing Manually NOW

Even in 2017, a surprising number of practices are missing big opportunities to eliminate manual tasks that steal hours from the front desk.  Join us for a look at easy wins you can implement today – plus a completely new time saver that will change the way you think about last-minute cancellations.